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Sergiu Ciochina and the Naive World

Sergiu Ciochina and the Naive World

In the bustling artistic landscape of Paris, a name resonates with vibrant strokes of color and the delicate dance of lines — Sergiu Ciochina, known in the art world by the pseudonym Serge. His journey from the rustic village of Boldurești in the Nisporeni district of the Republic of Moldova to the cultural heart of Paris is a narrative woven with passion, self-discovery, and a relentless pursuit of artistic evolution. 

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Born in 2001, Serge’s artistic journey commenced at the age of 12 when he stepped into the classrooms of a Fine Arts school for children in Nisporeni. In this crucible of creativity, a particular passion was kindled within him — the fervor for expressing the intensity of life through the interplay of lines and colors. Each day became a canvas, a space where he could experience new facets of existence, feel unique conditions, and endeavor to leave an indelible mark that resonated with those who beheld his creations.

The pivotal turning point arrived at the age of 16 when Serge advanced to a higher realm of education, enrolling in courses at C.A.P. “Alexandru Plămădeală” in Chișinău, specializing in painting. The shift to a new environment marked the genesis of a transformative phase. The diverse tapestry of people and characters he encountered became the catalyst for the formation of new ideas, habits, and lifestyles, enriching the tapestry of his artistic development.

Since then, Serge has been an active participant in a myriad of artistic endeavors, from exhibitions and competitions to projects, workshops, and master’s courses. Events such as the “Colors of a Genocide” competition, the “Jan Alojzy Matejko” exhibition, and the “New: Creative Youth” competition have become milestones in his artistic journey. For him, art is more than a creative expression; it is a stabilizing force, at least emotionally, fostering self-discovery and an unwavering desire to progress further.

The stylization of figures serves as a comforting sanctuary for Serge. What captivates him most is the energy derived from exploring the subtleties of lines. A nuanced brushstroke or a seemingly simple gesture can metamorphose the emotion of a character, acting as a mirror to his own concealed sentiments. Delving into the emotions and states of his figures, Serge embraces the aesthetics of the unconventional, finding beauty in the unusual dimensions and shapes. His aim is to gratify the viewer with the rhythmic dance and gestures from which a profound message or expression emerges.


Through the intentional deformation of nudes, Serge initiates a quest for their spiritual beauty, a beauty he often discovers in the ordinary faces of those around him. He extends an invitation to viewers to scrutinize every line and shade of color in his works, encouraging them to embrace the emotions that may sometimes elude acknowledgment within themselves.

In the City of Love, Serge’s art continues to evolve — an ever-changing canvas that reflects the vibrancy of his experiences and the delicate lines of his soul. Each stroke tells a story, and each color resonates with emotions that invite the observer to embark on a journey of self-discovery and artistic appreciation.

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